Coffee Gets High Marks for Stroke Resistance

The online news sources have been popping since last Thursday’s announcement that a Swedish study demonstrated a correspondence between the drinking of coffee and a decrease in the risk of strokes in the female population tested. The sample of 34,670 women over a ten-year period found that those drinking more than one cup per day had a 22% to 25% lowered stroke risk when compared to the group who drank less. The articles reported discussions among the experts debating what coffee could do to our bodies to give us resistance against stroke. A previous article, , reported that caffeine might actually change one of the layers of the vein such that it reduces the chances for heart attack and stroke. As with all linkage of foods and health, it’s too early to tell if there is a cause and effect relationship. As the researchers noted, they need to do more research and are not telling people to start drinking coffee just to keep from having a stroke. But why not? Every day scientists are finding more health benefits from coffee and the old wives’ tales are being shown to be just that – old wives’ tales. The old wives should drink more coffee themselves and they wouldn’t feel so old and maybe have more energy to enjoy life so they wouldn’t have to make up nasty stories about coffee. Regardless, a few cups a day have not been shown to be harmful, so go ahead and enjoy your favorite coffees unless you have a medical condition that won’t allow the drink. Your brain, heart, pancreas, metabolism and nervous system will love you for it!

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