Coffee Fueled Musings – Why I love Coffee

This morning I did not wake up early enough to grind some of my fresh beans from Elemental Coffee roasters in my Hario Skerton grinder and brew it in my Clever Coffee Dripper (reviews for all these gadgets coming soon.) I didn’t even wake up early enough to throw some pre-ground Illy coffee into my stovetop espresso machine (don’t judge me! There is a reason I bought the Illy is because its pre-ground for a Moka machine and I had no clue how fine to grind for one. Now that I know I certainly wont be buying pre-ground. Oh, and of course I’ll review all that stuff soon).

You know what? I didn’t even have time to throw a pod into my Nespresso. How’s that for rushed?

I guess the think that may make this blog worthwhile in that case is that while I do love coffee and I do love all the different gadgets and tricks and techniques involved in brewing it, I’m not a snob. A k-cup will do me just fine if I can’t get at my good stuff.

I’m sitting at work and drinking a pretty terrible cup of coffee. Why? I can give you a dozen reasons: its warm and my office is chilly, its caffeinated and I’m still a little sleepy, its free, it’s going to keep me from snacking on the basket of potato chips/doughnuts/candy bars/etc. that’s in the break room. I could keep going but suffice to say: I love coffee. Much like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good. However when it’s great, it can make your day. In fact, today I’m going to go home for lunch. My office is a five minute drive from home so I’m going to drive over, reheat some of the tasty roasted veggies my girlfriend prepared, and make myself a cup of joe I can be proud of. I’m going to make sure the grind is right, the temperature is good, the water is filtered. I’m going to time the extraction (and of course I’ll rinse off the filters before I use them to get rid of any dust, I’m not a savage) and I’m going to really savor the cup.

But for now? I’m going to go make myself a cup of Emeril branded brown water in the Keurig.   

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