Coffee Cravings…

Coffee Cravings…

You know you are spoiled in life when you are in my boat and you consider it a great injustice that here it is almost 5 pm and you have not had a second cup of coffee yet today.  Here I sit.  I have been on the run all day with just a few moments this morning when I got to pull myself a shot before running out the door.  On the bright side that shot was of Chazzano’s Papua new Guinea blend and it was quite enjoyable.  I even split it so that I could have half the shot straight and the other half could be pulled into a cappuccino.  It worked well in both contexts, but then I ran out the door and I have been in meetings of one sort or the other ever since.  

I did have a seven minute break, but even though the pavoni heats up incredibly quickly it is not fast enough to pull a shot an clean it up in that time (10 minutes might be enough though).

I lamented this missing coffee every time I did slow down for a minute, but only now did I get to stop and think, yes I could finally have that drink.  Alas, it being almost five, the kind of drink I have now does not likely have caffeine in it.  I decided to console myself by writing about the coffee instead.  

I remember learning once that there was  a study where they showed that if a kid pretended to shoot and make free throws for one hundred shots in a row visualizing success it was at least as likely to improve their free throw shooting percentage as actual practice.   I think perhaps there is a parallel here that shows why I love blogging about coffee.  I do not normally want to drink more than three drinks of coffee a day although it does not have major negative effects on days when I have more as long as I do not make it the norm, but perhaps by blogging about coffee I can get some of the pleasure without having to go over my quotient?

I wonder if there are any studies suggesting that thinking about coffee has any of the positive effects that drinking coffee does from extra energy to the contentment coffee gives us?  I would not be surprised if the answer was that it worked the same to at least some extent.  Hey, if it works in sports, why not in coffee?

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