COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE What a wonderful world!

Well, its official, I am addicted to all things coffee. Not so much of the drinks with milk and flavor syrups, they are good, but I am talking about straight coffee. Black. Single origins, blends, natural processed, chemical processed. I have discovered that I like to try them. I’ll get a new coffee and think this one is really good, I’ll order more, by the time I have gone through the third or fourth pound I am looking for something new again. Will it be a light roast, full city, French roast? Maybe a single origin Kenyan light city roast, hints of citrus and chocolate. What will you use for brewing, that makes a huge differancein the end product.

I am not sure but I think it is the process that I love. Coffee is ordered, the anticipation begins to build. Coffee arrives from a roaster I have never tried, more excitement. Open bag, big hit in the nose, the aroma is out of this world. OK, time to grind. Course grind, dump into the French press. Time for another big nose full, this could be heaven. Pour on the water, just a little less than boiling temp. Five minutes steeping time seems like it takes forever doesn’t it? Break the crust on top of the press; you guessed it, another big sniff. Smell is such a big part of taste though isn’t it? Finally, pour into the cup. I have a plain glass cup that is probably 7 or 8 ounces it is what I reach for when I am working on a new coffee, first time brewing it. Tastes like coffee? Yes, but so much more. Chocolate, citrus, floral notes, sweetness, so many nuances to a new coffee. The smells, flavors, and appearance, sometimes it is sensory overload. My wife and friends think I’m nuts.Here comes the next phase? Friday I start roasting at home. Time to learn more about how roasting affects the end product. I can only imagine the variety of results available at this juncture. Tweaking a single origins roast level, maybe blending your own.The adventure seems to be only beginning……Does anyone else have this affliction? This seems like a good problem to have.

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