Coffee's Not Just For Drinking

Maybe it’s the cooling weather, but magazines are again picking up the idea that coffee in recipes not only packs health benefits, but added flavor. This is nothing new for CoffeeKind fans, as we had a very well-received recipe contest this past summer and we’ve also featured coffee recipes on our website. But Matthew Kadey, a dietician, adds some more coffee cooking tips in a recent Women’s Health Mag article. Kadey reminds readers that coffee included the same “nutritionally charged compounds” as found in wine, green tea and chocolate.

Here’s a new stat to add to your list of coffee health benefits: “The Archives of Internal Medicine found that each time you refill your cup of java (caffeinated or decaf) in a day, you slash your diabetes risk by 7 percent.” If you abide by Kadey’s recommended maximum of four 6-oz cups a day, that is a 28 percent lower risk for that disease. It also helps against heart disease. Regarding that 28% lower diabetes risk, that's probably a general figure; it doesn't make sense that it keeps multiplying every day.

Other articles are reporting 20% to 60% lower risk, so this is not an exact science as yet.) Since these benefits can be realized whether drinking or eating the coffee, the article goes on to suggest ways to add coffee to recipes. It can be rubbed in ground form on meats for added taste. If brewing first and adding as a liquid, it adds an earthy element, especially in dishes that are based on chocolate, cherries, blueberries, lemon and strong nuts such as pecans and walnuts. For the strongest flavor, brew a dark roast with half the water and let it cool to room temperature before adding it to a batter. In all of the discussions on health benefits of coffee, it’s important to remember that even good things can be overdone. As with wine, chocolate and other healthy foods, moderation is still important, as Kadey warns. Brew on in good health.

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