Bunn Trifecta Home - New Product Debut at CoffeeCon 2012

/files/u2252/bunn_trifecta.jpg" align="right" height="412" width="268" />A lot of rumors have been swirling around in spite of NDA's about a new home brewing system coming soon from Bunn. It is almost here and for only $500 the same type of cup their multi-thousands of dollars Commercial Trifecta brewer makes can be yours too. From Bunn's blog announcing their participation at CoffeeCon 2012 we find the Bunn Trifecta Home discussed:

"We are very excited to be part of this event and will be showcasing our products including Velocity Brew®, Phase Brew® and My Café® at the BUNN booth.  Stop by our booth for a cup of joe and see how BUNN brews differently and why that matters to improve your coffee experience.  Plus, you won’t want to miss the exciting debut of trifecta® MB.  During a special BUNN trifecta Micro Brew Lab, you’ll discover a Full Cup of coffee or tea and learn how the Air Infusion™ technology of trifecta allows you to unlock the nuances of great coffees for a truly unique experience in the cup." 


l Hope the coffee it makes is excellent - I will be sure to report back with my impressions after trying it out at CoffeeCon 2012. Kevin Sinnot from The Coffee Companion had a chance to try the machine out already and has posted this summary (note the use of the word prefection): 


"Some folks will ask me, “Kevin, do you really expect me to put $500 into a coffeemaker during these economic times?” Hey, I’m not a 1%’er. Yes, $500 is a lot of money, even to me (ha!). I believe you can probably match the cup quality, although I’m honestly not certain, using your best vacuum, Chemex, Hario, Aeropress technique. But, every time? The Trifecta Home is for the coffee aficionado who wants the best, wants it consistently, and wants ease in achieving this perfection. And, I do mean perfection."

He finishes with this stunning commentary - remember - he has tried almost every brewer under the sun:

"It’s the machine I’ve waited for since I started drinking coffee. If you can afford one, it’s a no-brainer. Bunn knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. The Bunn Trifecta Home almost deserves to rename a cup of coffee a Trifecta, it’s that outstanding. It defines the state-of-brewing-art according to me and The Coffee Companion. "

High praise indeed. 

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