Brown Coffee Co - Edlina Microlot, Guatemala.

/files/u13866/2012-01-25_15_23_21.jpg" align="left" width="231" height="308" hspace="10" />About a week ago now I was really excited that Brown Coffee Co had decided to start selling on Roaste, while they may have had incident on twitter that caused a lot of grief it doesn't change the fact coffee that comes from this San Antonio TX based roaster is top notch.

This particular coffee comes in two different roasts one for drip and one for espresso, mine is optimized for drip. I was so excited to seem them here that when I went to order I just picked the first thing I saw, and I am not even sure if the espresso roast version of this was even up yet. And had I seen it I might've been more tempted to go with that one since I do like making espresso.

However, even though I didn't get the espresso version of this coffee I am still very pleased with it.

Just for those leery of ordering from a new roaster on here due to transit times or from order to shipping time. I ordered mine Monday morning (10ish AM PST) and it was shipped the same day. That's as fast as you can go in my book, so a big thumbs up there and the USPS complied too getting it to me this past Wednesday.

Another thing just to note is that I really appreciated the shipping box, sized to fit the bag. not sure if it really makes a difference in terms of brewed coffee but it sure is nice to get a bag without any broken beans in from transit.

That being said the coffee.

The first thing I do whenever I open a bag of coffee is give a huge inhale of the coffee, this one smells like brown sugar. From that initial smell I knew it was going to be a good bag of coffee, very sweet.

And that smell confirmed with the Roaster's tasting notes:

"In the cup this coffee is balanced with a pleasant acidity and a classic
"minerality" for which coffees from Finca Vista Hermosa are renowned.
As it cools it exhibits tones of salted caramel and molasses."

The biggest surprise to me was that the after taste it leaves in your mouth is salted caramel, This is not one of those reminds you sort of tastes that on tasting notes but one that you can really taste. This coffee overall is very sweet both in press and drip variations.

However, there is a bit of bite on the front end of this coffee that is very nice, but I found to mostly a generic sort of acidity that compliments the sweetness very well.

I did try this as an espresso as well, and it did really well even tho it was the espresso variant. It tasted just like above but a little concentrated. The salted caramel came out really well the milk drinks that I made.

This coffee gets a strong recommendation from me and based on past experience with Brown Coffee Co I don't think this is going to be an isolated incident with their offerings on Roaste, next order is going to be the espresso blend: Cottonwood.

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