Bringing in the new year coffee style.

Bringing in the new year coffee style.  I am thrilled that with the new year only a few hours away I was still pulling shots of espresso!  I normally quit drinking coffee at about 3 pm and my wife quits even earlier than that, so I do not normally get to pull shots all the way into the new year, but last night we had a friend or two over and they drink coffee through the night.  I just got the chance to pull a few shots and somehow it still puts a smile on my face.  

The friend who was over that I am happiest to pull coffee for is another coffee snob.  She is the one who lent me the twist and she has an E 61 group machine.  So she is serious about her coffee.

She also happens to have a Yama Vacuum brewer that I am eager to try out and if I do I will certainly post here to let you know what my impressions are.

In any event, there is no question that there is something wrong with me that I am so thrilled to get a chance to make coffee at night even if I will not be the one drinking it, but then again there must be something along those lines wrong with you or you would not be reading a blog about it (and I guess that was an early indicator that I had a genetric coffee defect – the fact that I thought it would be a blast to have my own coffee blog (and I was right).

By the way, my friend did love the coffee.  She was kind enough to say it was better than what she can make on her machine even though it is an amazing machine in its own right.

As an added bonus she brought new year’s presents – three bags of counter culture coffee (La Forza, Rustico, and Apollo).  They should mesh well with my Velton’s and Paradise that I was just finishing up!

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