Bonavita Electric Kettle Review

For a while now I have been wanting a Buono Kettle – not the one here on ROASTe – that is a fine kettle though. The one I have been waiting for is the model with the electric base so you do not need a stove to heat the water. While waiting on that model, I found something similar that scratches the itch nicely. The Bonavita Electric Kettle has the built in heating and the slender spout needed for stove-free pour over coffee nirvana.

The 1000 watt Bonavita Electric Kettle heats quickly the water quickly to a measured 212 degrees F after the automatic cut off kicked in at the end of the boil.  The volume is one liter so even filled close to full capacity the kettle feels light in the hand. This lighter weight and the well shaped thin goose neck pouring spout (reminds me of the Hario Buono's spout design) provide the high level of stream control even after a couple minutes of pouring. I also like the full wrap handle which prevents accidental knuckle contact with the hot kettle body.

I hope the Bonavita Electric Kettle catches on - so far I like what I see in the short time I have used mine.  I made a cup of pu'erh tea last night and a cup of Deep Cello Black Tie Decaf coffee using my trusty Melitta filter cone tonight. Both were home runs for flavor using this handy Bonavita kettle.

When I get in today I will experiment using my ceramic Hario V60-2 (available here on ROASTe)and this kettle with some Deep Cello Black Tie (regular, not decaf) I took out of the freezer to thaw. I liked the Black Tie as an espresso but it works well for other prep methods too.

Below is a photo of this kettle. The Hario pour over cone is a V60-2 and is included to give a size comparison in the photo.  

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