Blood Pressure: Caffeine In Coffee Is the Good Guy

Not all caffeine is the same. A recent article on discussed the findings that it is cola drinking that is related to high blood pressure in women, not coffee drinking. The article dealt with two studies which involved about 100,000 women. It was discovered that drinking one can of cola a day raises a woman’s risk of high blood pressure by 9 to 13 percent. The risk increases as more cola is consumed each day.

The researchers were quick to point out that this is a correlation only; cola drinking is associated with high blood pressure. However, these types of studies do not determine the cause. Cola cannot at this time be proven to CAUSE high blood pressure; it is just involved in a higher risk.

The research also did not isolate just what aspect of cola has the most influence on the relationship with high blood pressure. Cola is produced from the Kola plant, a totally different plant than the coffee plant, making the natural compounds different in the finished products of coffee and cola. Besides, cola is often sweetened with fructose, especially high fructose corn syrup, a very harmful ingredient. Other sugar substitutes can be harmful as well, such as aspartame. In addition, color additives may be added. Researchers hope to narrow down the actual ingredients to find the offending one(s).

Coffee drinkers can relax, literally, as the researchers also showed that women who are regular or even heavy coffee drinkers – who don’t also drink cola - don’t exhibit a link to high blood pressure. So ladies, help yourself to another cuppa Joe, but please, put down the colas.

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