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You mean I get to blog about coffee?  For real?  Where's the cameras - c'mon, who put you up to this?

Oh, OK.  You were serious.  Let's begin.

First, a smidge of background.  For a long time, I drank my coffee with skim milk and splenda sugar: the gay American way.  Then, I got this job in a teeny, tiny office.  There were only four of us in there, and we had one of those iddy-bitty college fridges.  The milk kept going bad, and I got tired of being the only one who replaced it.  So, I started drinking it black.

We were in a neighborhood where the only supermarket was a Whole Foods, which didn't sell any kind of fake sugar.  I drew the line at buying boxes of Splenda with my groceries at home to bring into the office.  And, I was sick of feeling guilty stealing handfuls of them from the Starbucks downstairs.  So, I cut out the sweetener.  This is ironic, because my sweet tooth is the size of Kanye's ego.  So now I drink my coffee black with no sugar.  This is hot.

OK, now the focus of this post:  First of all, biscotti is the name of the blog.  Get it?  B'Scotty.  Oh, right - it would help if I told you my name is Scott, and my friends call me Scotty.

My name is Scott, and my friends call me Scotty.

The Big Brews at suggested I get to know the main coffee origins according to growing region.  So, I stopped by a gourmet shop and asked what they recommended.    How about Columbian?  Very good, I thought.  Sounds like the perfect place to start.  Which kind do you want - we have a mild roast and a strong roast?

Idiot. Of course, I took the strong roast.  The idiot barista made up for it by surprising me with a courtesy shot of the Columbian coffee I just bought.  Ooooh, child!  This shiz was srsly GOoD !  Now, I don't have the lexicon down like the other coffee bloggers on - this stuff was definitely bold, but I can't tell you if it was clean, citrusy or smoky.  But honestly - it just tasted like coffee should, if that makes sense.  It was like strong and bold and...for some reason the word 'round' comes to mind.  No, full - yeah, it was definitely Full.

Even better?  I got to expense it.

How was my first post? I was kind of nervous about it, to be honest.  So, before I started writing, I fortified myself with the big Comfort Food guns.  The really fattening stuff - I'm talkin bout ice cream.  What flavor?  Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but -

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