Ashton Kutcher and Scout Willis Write Coffee Song- “My Sober”

It seems that actor Ashton Kutcher and I have something in common – we love our coffee. At least one of us can sing about it – well, technically he plays the guitar to step-daughter Scout Willis’ singing. The video with coffee song is getting hits like crazy on utube this week. If you love coffee, it could become YOUR coffee song. The words will speak to you, with the refrain “I can’t live without you.” The title of the song, “My Sober”, pretty much encapsulates the thoughts of many “You’re my sober when I’m wasted”.

As Coffee Kind's news has shared, coffee has been proven to heal a hangover headache after all. Ashton, have you had experience with this one? Here are the almost complete coffee song lyrics, with a few holes I couldn’t decipher:

My Sober - By Ashton Kutcher and Scout Willis

When I wake up in the morn the first thing I think about

As I stumble down the staircase I know that I couldn’t live a day without you You’re my sober when I’m wasted You’re my courage when I’ve got a doubt, You’re my happy when I’m grumpy You’re my smile when I’m stuck with a pout Couldn’t live without you I’m addicted, think it’s sickness, when you’re not here I’m always a mess You’re the weapon against the sandman feel so warm in my hand Not a woman not a man that can.. live without you From the moment that you touched my lips it feels just like I’d been hit with a thousand volts of lectricity From the diner to the bar even drivin in my car, coffee, I can’t live without you Cappuccino, frappaccino iced blended mocha latte black coffee frappe ---light taste bold taste Italian roast you're the most low fat-vente --- soy milk americana I can’t live without you, this song’s about you Without you ……. Go now, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the newest love song by Ashton Kutcher and Scout. And remember, you heard it first on Coffee Kind!!!

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