Anyone Can Brew Great Coffee

Actually, author Marisa Nadoluy stated that “any idiot can brew perfect coffee with the right stuff.” She then goes on to explain just what the “right stuff” is: good beans and good tools. In her case, she starts out with espresso roasted beans that are “exquisite” and a cheap espresso machine from eBay. After that introduction, she goes on to describe the coffee at the unnamed “neon island of convenience” where every flavor is available and every cup is a buck. The comment section offers a little more information. One writer who sounds knowledgeable (don’t believe everything you read), states that the key to good coffee is the temperature of the brewing water. If the water is too cool, then too much acid and too little flavor will be extracted. The brewing temperature preferred by the commenter is 200 degrees. That temperature is where McDonalds’ coffee was brewed when they were sued for causing severe burns to a customer. One article on that case stated than most home coffeemakers brew much lower. However, home brewers vary tremendously. Obviously a French press brews hotter as previously boiled water is used, following a short cooling off. It’s probably close to the 200 degree mark at the time of pouring. It’s easy to conclude that the temperature is determined by the coffeemaker and thus, the tool - the coffeemaker - is indeed the key. Another of the posters comments that it’s all in the grinder. The right stuff for him, switching to a burr grinder made a night and day difference in his coffee. Apparently the resulting coffee is so good this poster can now drink it black. So what’s the right stuff? Is it the roast, the coffeemaker/temperature or the grind? Or something else? What’s the right stuff for you? In coffee, as in life, beauty is in the eye (taste) of the beholder. This is one reason why ROASTe’s coffee marketplace is a great place to search for all things coffee. The selection is so extensive, every coffee lover is sure to find the right tools and the right beans to enable him or her to make the perfect coffee.

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