Another Pretty Machine

The "Funky Town" Demo from Presso on Vimeo.

Pretty machines are a weakness of mine, and this one is one pretty machine. I don't know how I've missed seeing the Presso up till now, but I made up for my oversight this morning by checking out as many Presso videos as I could find.

If you haven't seen it before, the Presso is yet another manual espresso machine that relies on muscle power to build up the pressure for extraction -- and the muscles are definitely on display in most of the Presso vids out there. This one has less muscle, more technique -- and a great soundtrack to get your morning going.

Check out the array of coffee accessories on the counter behind the Presso in this one -- I'm envious!

Here it is in its naked glory:


It's got a nice price-point, too, at $150 -- in line with the Handpresso Wild -- and it comes with a milk frother and a combo scoop and tamper. And there's an empty space on my counter just waiting for something this industrial-chic to show up. I wonder if I can find somewhere that sells the Presso complete with one of those rugged-looking, muscle-y guys to make my espresso for THAT would definitely dress up my kitchen!

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