Announcing "Unfiltered," the new coffee column at The Manual

We're excited to announce a new coffee column with The Manual, an online lifestyle guide for men that touches on style, living, food & drink, travel, and grooming! The coffee column, called "Unfiltered," is our owner's view on making coffee easier for the burgeoning coffee lover.


The column will be running monthly and this month's topic is a slow introduction to the world of coffee. We recommend coffee brewing equipment based on your personality style.


Hario Metal V60 StandMr. Precision's kit: Pourover, gooseneck kettle, pourover stand, and precision scale. Pictured to the left is the Hario V60 metal dripper, metal stand, and range server.


"Everything you do is measured and precise. You mix your own cocktails and grill your own steak."



Mr. Right Now's kit: Aeropress


"You don’t have time for fancy rituals. You just want great-tasting coffee and you want it in your mug right now."



Dr. Heisenberg's kit: Siphon


If you just finished watching all five season of Breaking Bad and are looking for redemption on the B- you got in Organic Chemistry, your brewer of choice is a siphon pot. 



Mr. Renaissance Man's kit: Espresso machine & grinder.

"You’re a traditionalist with a true appreciation for the finer things in life. You enjoy your coffee like you enjoy life: big, bold and just a little edgy."


You can read the full column and other handy men's lifestyle tips at The Manual.

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