Alpha Dominche Steampunk West Coast Tour

Alpha Dominche landed onto the specialty coffee scene last year and won the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) "Best New Product" award for their Steampunk 1.0, for its innovative use of brewing technology. The Steampunk allows baristas to set individual paramters per column for both coffee and tea. Part manual (programming paramters) and part automation (brewing per recipe), the machine is a pleasure to look at and allows for another approach to brewing coffee in a cafe.




The Salt Lake City-based company is taking their Steampunks on a two-week, West coast tour. Nicknamed "Punks on the Run," the events will showcase their technology, giving coffee geeks an opportunity to experiment, gape, and converse. Each stop will be hosted at a specialty microroaster, but will often feature other local roasters. 


November 6: Vancouver, British Columbia // 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, Lucky's Donuts


November 7: Seattle // Slate Coffee Roasters


November 8: Tacoma // Madrona Coffee Company


November 10: Sebastopol, CA // Taylor Maid Farms


November 11: Oakland, CA // Blue Bottle Coffee


November 12: San Francisco // Four Barrel


November 14: Los Angeles // TBA


November 15: Las Vegas // Sambalatte Torrefazione

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