Adult-Only Popcorn?

The foodists are buzzing about the new popcorn that keeps movie audiences awake. Office workers snack on it to keep their energy up in the afternoon. Moms snack on it keep up with the kids, who surely aren’t allowed any. College students use it to stay awake during those late night study rituals. What’s the popcorn’s secret? A five-ounce serving contains as much caffeine as a single cup of strong coffee. The inventors won’t divulge the recipe, maintaining the secret way they figured out how to infuse the popcorn with caffeine without making it taste like coffee is protected information. It took many batches of popcorn to perfect the recipe, which is reportedly salty and sweet and addictive as well. It’s also time-released, prolonging the energizing effects. Some of us coffee lovers don’t understand the hype. After all, why not just drink the naturally caffeinated beverage right along with the popcorn, rather than IN the snack itself? The marketers say there is something about the combination of the carbohydrates in the corn with the caffeine. It’s possible the heating of the two together creates more of a buzz than just drinking coffee as an accompaniment to the popcorn, but the two do taste good together. The positive side of this caffeinated popcorn is that the recipe is reported to be all natural ingredients. The caffeine is somehow removed from the coffee to be added to the popcorn without leaving in the coffee taste. This snack would make a good trail mix to take on hikes for quick energy, much like the caffeinated marshmallow. ( ) All things considered, it’s a lot easier to pack popcorn or marshmallows for eating on a hike than to pack pots and cups for coffee. But, there's still nothing like the real thing!

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