Accidental glory – a blend of blends

Accidental glory – a blend of blends

I have two really good coffees for espresso at home right now.  One is Velton’s Bonsai Blend and the other one is Klatch’s World Best Espresso blend.  Neither one is quite ready yet as they are both a little fresher than their roasters recommend pulling them.  Both taste good now, but will probably taste better soon.  Velton’s is probably closer since it is a few days earlier roast and is not supposed to sit quite as long before peaking (at least on Belle Klatch recommends a week so I am guessing they do the same for this, but that is just a guess).

Anyway I pulled both today and I usually single dose when using my Super Jolly, but I usually do not single dose on my Vario, which is what I have at homre right now, but it is so light that I can pick it up if I want to change coffees and dump it out and then only waste perhaps 5 grams that I have to grind out.  

I had just pulled the Klatch and it was clearly not ready yet three days post roast.  It was fine, but not what I know Klatch coffees can be.  I was not surprised  since it is not supposed to have peaked yet.

I decided to go back to Velton’s and yet I did not want to waste any of the Klatch so I decided to go wild and crazy and toss the Velton’s in right on top of the last 8 or so grams of Klatch.  I was updosing as Klatch recommends – they suggest a 20 gram dose and I was at about 20.5.  I did not expect something spectacular, but that is exactly what I got.  I probably had about 8 grams of Klatch and 12.5 of Velton’s and I got one of the best shots I have had in a while out.  It was chocolate and smooth and incredibly creamy.

I do not know why mixing two coffees that are not quite ready would result in a coffee that does not taste premature at all, but it did.

I think I will try this again – on purpose this time!

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