A tour of AJ Coffee Co's Fazenda Rodomunho Natural Brasil

I really enjoy trying new coffees because I can justify using all the coffee tools that occupy my kitchen. So today I'll be writing about my efforts with AJ Coffee Co's Fazenda Rodomunho Natural Brasil. I don't think I've had many single origin from Brazil but the one's that I have tried I did enjoy. The flavor profile of this coffee is described as "Complex, rich, cocoa, nuts, spice and layered" on AJ Coffee Co's website and "Mild chocolate base notes with cloves, anise spices" on Coffee Kind.

I started this coffee in the Eva Solo at 30g for 500ml ground at two turns from zero in the Lido and steeped for four min. The coffee tasted good but slightly un-separated if that makes sense. It tasted of dull bakers chocolate.

Slightly disappointed with the Solo I next tried the coffee in a V60 pour over. For this I tried 15g for 300ml ground at one turn from zero. I let the coffee bloom for about 30sec and finished the pour in about three minutes. This one tasted pretty good. Definitely chocolatey and nutty with distinct flavors. It was also pleasingly full in terms of mouth feel. I also used the same parameters for an iced pour over except with 150g of hot coffee poured over 150g of ice. Iced, the flavors were very crisp and sweeter than as a hot pour over.

New to my lineup was adding the clever coffee dripper to the brew rotation. 18g for about 300ml ground one turn from zero. I did bloom for about 30s and then filled the dripper to the top. Steep time was three and a half minutes with an additional minute of draw down time. This was a very dense and rich cup. Tasted of burnt chocolate and a hint of caramel.

And tonight, I went with a siphon brew of 13g ground one and a half turns from zero. Gave a good 45 seconds of uptime and the removed the flame. The coffee tasted thin as you would expect but this method gave me the most accurate flavor profile as described by the roaster. I could definitely taste the cloves and anise.

So, for my tour of this coffee the current verdict is:

CCD > V60 Iced > V60 > Siphon > Solo > Espresso (initial tasting only)

I would say that for the ease of pour and flavors that I enjoy that the CCD would be my go to for this coffee. Stay tuned for the espresso battle next but I can't imagine that those shots will trump the CCD.

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