A recent Aeropress recipe by Verve

As should be obvious by now, I like to try out different Aeropress recipes from time to time. The other day I came across the one shown below and thought its simplicity was appealing. Non-inverted. No need for a scale after dosing your beans. Calls for the DISK Fine, which I used, but paper would work, too.

1.  Find a coffee that you love…

2.  Grab your Aeropress, water kettle, timer and 12 g. of coffee (freshly ground a couple steps finer than drip).

3.  Place your Aeropress on top of your favorite mug and fill to the 3. Stir to incorporate.

4.  Let sit for 30 seconds.

5.  Fill to the 4 and let sit until the water level drops back down to the 3, which should take about 45 more seconds.

6.  Plunge it all down in about 20 seconds.

7.  Enjoy.

Re: step 1, I chose what’s freshest around here currently, the Finca Vista Hermosa Edlina micro-lot (Brown’s washed version this time). For some reason I’ve had a *bunch* of Guatemalan coffee this year—subject for another blog post, I guess.

When I got to step 5, I found that the slurry wasn’t dropping down much from the 4, so I went with their advice on timing and just plunged at 1:15.

I ended up with about 10 oz. (eyeballing) of tasty but somewhat weak coffee. Had no problem drinking it down, but I knew I’d want to add less water next time.

And that’s exactly what I did later the same afternoon with Barefoot’s honey-prep. version of the Edlina micro-lot. Held everything constant until step 5, at which point I filled to the 3 instead of the 4. Yes, sorry, after step 3 the slurry level had, indeed, gone down from the 3 due to drip-through. How observant of you! Glad you’re paying attention. ;) This cup was more to my taste in terms of strength. However, the flavor profile was different than what I’m accustomed to on account of the finer grind (1 turn CCW from zero on the LIDO).

Now you’ve got my two cents. Maybe check out the recipe and see what you think? I’ll move on and experiment with two new ones.

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