a little update on the Pavoni Lever

Today morning, after rushing out of the door, I have done it again! Yes, just a week earlier, I leaved the Pavoni on acidently for an extended amount of time and today, I did that also. Thankfully, no damage was done, the Pavoni was just getting really hot when it time for me tod come home and realize what I have done. I really need to find a way to make sure this does not happen anymore in the future. Any way, what I want to update today is about the lever technique that I use with the Pavoni.

Most of the time, I use the move call "fellini" move to preinfuse the coffee puck. This, however achieve another thing with the Pavoni and that is to add more liquid to the shot. Thus there are those time when I want "shorter" shot, I would do away with the fellini move. Here is a little video showing more what I'm talking about:

A little summary of my technique is the follow: 

-turn the machine on

-purge false pressure

-grind groom and tamp the puck

-engage the portafilter loosely, raise the lever, before the point were water will come out then tighten the portafilter.

-Pump up and down 2-3 times gently, this is called the fellini move

-pull your shot!

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