A Good Day Start with Good Coffee

Today is good indeed even though I did not get enough sleep last night (only four hours of sleep per night has become quite typical for me in the week day). What make today so good is because I woke up and had fresh tasy coffee available for me. I woke up around 6:30 and switch on my espresso machine and thirty minutes later after I have gone through my morning hygine routine the machine is up to temperature and ready for pulling shots. Several days ago, I had roast up batches of Rwanda and Tarzania peaberry coffee and I was pulling shot with these beans. I start with a cappucinno made with 19 grams of Tarzania (roasted quite dark in this case); I had my cold milk ready in its pitcher and steamed the milk while the shot is pulled and pour myself this delicious morning treat:

I have found that in the morning it is really critical to keep thing simple and fast in term of coffee preparation, so that the caffeine can hit the brain quickly; and I find it is esprecially helpful to have a machine that allow simultaneous steaming and pulling shot ability. Due to the delicious cappucino (all I know was that it taste good, my taste budds are not too sensitive or discerning in the morning so I can't tell you about the nuances). Due to the good coffee,  I was able to have quite a productive morning with regard to studying for today's class. Howerver, before heading for the road, I did make myself an Americano, using a mix of 50/50 Tarzanian Peaberry and Rwanda. I misjudge the grind a little and end up pulling a ristretto instead of a normalle but it was all good; the americano had a nice heavy bitter chocolatey taste and have very nice aroma that filled my car! Thank to coffee, my day is already getting better!

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