A few more popular drinks...

I wanted to mention a few of the drinks that are missed on Roaste popular drinks page.  These are mostly standard drinks, so not brilliant insight on my part, just drinks that I don’t think should be missed.  Here is the Roaste page of popular drinks…


Here are a few that I would add...

macchiato – this is a shot of espresso together with roughly the same amount of steamed milk.  Macchiato means marked in Italian and the coffee is marked with a few white dots of milk on the top.  This is roughly the smallest amount of milk you can add to espresso in a drink (although some people add more milk than I would).

Americano – this is a shot of espresso with hot water added.  It has the flavor profile of espresso (although not as intense), but the volume of brewed coffee.  

Caffe Corretto – literally a coffee “corrected” by adding a shot of grappa or some other liquor to it.

Lungo – this is a shot of espresso that is allowed to run a little longer than usual into the blonding phase, thus the name.  These tend to be less popular than normales (normal shots) and ristrettos.

Ristretto – this is a shot that is pulled tighter than a normal shot of espresso.  The barista usually grinds finer than he would for a normal shot and allows the exctraction to take a little longer than a normale would take.  

Latte macchiatto – this is made from steamed milk with the espresso added later.  In this case, the milk is marked by the coffee instead of the other way around.  This is a big milk drink, but it can be very elegant.  Served in a tall thin glass and made by a talented barista you will see a layer of white, a thinner layer of brown in the middle and then a layer of milk on top.  I do not make these often and my coffee does not stay perfectly in the middle band, but it is really cool looking when it does.  Here is a decent photo of one.


There are numerous other drinks that already are jumping to mind that I am missing and should also be added, too.

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