A exceptional single origin, just a good blend?

This past Thursday I got some coffee from Klatch, El Salvador Los Planes COE, it's a pretty expensive coffee at twenty five dollars for a twelve ounce bag. And as I have had multiple cups of it now it has got me thinking about what makes a great single origin, or to put another way what should make a exceptional single origin.

At the price of twenty five dollars for a twelve ounce bag, I am expecting an exception single origin coffee beyond that of most of Klatch's or anyother roaster offerings that are in the typical 15ish range. What I got was a rather exceptionally rounded coffee, citrus bite, long carmel finish and lots of mouthfeel (think americano) this all coming from brewing it up in a Hario V60.

Basically what I have described in my opinion is a good breakfest blend that I would expect to be able to get from any roaster making that sort of offering. That's the amazing thing about this coffee is that it doesn't need to be blended to get all of those attributes that a lot people like in their coffee. However, does that make it worth the price, and for that matter if that's what makes a single origin exceptional, do we even want them?

For the most part the single origins that I buy, normally have something else missing. Good balance of flavors but lacking body or good body, but overly bright or sweet. For those of you with more experience than me, are all exceptional origin coffee like this one taste like a good blend or is there something more that maybe I am missing?

If a normal good single origin has something missing that can be added through blending, I am not so sure that I want to keep drinking them. There is no reason to drink something that has a part missing and calling it good just because it's good for what it is. I understand that there are people that get upset with blends such as Vivace's blends that use some sub-par beans, but through blending/roasting they are able to create something exceptional. However, at the end of the day it's just about having the best possible cup possible not using the best possible beans.

So I am going to enjoy this CoE, but I think I may be turning back to blends for a while.

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