2011 World Barista Championship - Schedule of Events

/files/World-Barista-Championship-Events-Schedule20110530.jpg" alt="2011 World Barista Championship - Schedule of Events" title="2011 World Barista Championship - Schedule of Events" align="left" height="346" hspace="7" width="347" />As we finish off the Memorial Day long weekend, the world baristas are starting their next big feat, and the coming days will be intense for them. While we hope that everything goes down smoothly, and we wish each and every one of the competitors the best of luck, for those of us who won’t be in the center of it all, today’s blog will highlight the schedule of events for this year’s World Barista Championship.

Officially, today all the baristas are arriving, but unofficially, many of these tough competitors have already landed and we hope that their battle with jet lag won’t be overwhelming.

On Tuesday, the judges will head to a workshop and get themselves prepped and ready for the Big Event. By Wednesday, while the judges will participate in a workshop, the competitors will have an orientation meeting, after which they’ll have some time to practice.  This will also be a good opportunity for them to rekindle friendships from previous events as well as get a true sense of their competition.

The elimination rounds will take place between Day 1 and Day 2, at which point 53 finalists will compete against each other. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of these finalists and ironically, some of them will be competing one after the other on Day 2 (for example, Tumi Ferrer, Pete Licata and John Gordon).

By the end of Day 2, these 53 contestants will be reduced to 12 and by Saturday (June 4), the Top 12 will compete against one another, trickling them down to the Top 6. The icing on the cake, as some may say, will be on Sunday, June 5, when the Top 6 will go head to head, vying for the prestigious title of World Barista Champion.

So where will you be over the next few days? And do you have any one barista you’re especially keen to see take the title? We’ll be providing a live link to the event, where you can watch the action take place. Until then, we hope everyone’s nerves are settled and that the baristas are excited to showcase their talent!

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