Christmas gift ideas for deployed soldiers, military and veterans


Christmas gift ideas for deployed soldiers, military members and veterans

Christmas is one of the best times of year to spend with your family and enjoy holiday traditions. Unfortunately, holidays can be difficult for military members and their families when they are serving overseas or are deployed during the holidays. It’s also that time when you need to find the right type of gift for everyone you care about especially the ones far from home. Here are some of the ideas to keep in mind.

Simple, yet fun little gifts for military people

There are plenty of ideas that you can opt for here. One of the best gift ideas for deployed troops is a military coin rack. It’s something simple, yet fun and meaningful. A lot of veterans and military members collect military coins, so it can be a great gift especially if your friend or family member is into coins as a whole.

Then you can go with military lithographs and artwork. This is a great gift for deployed soldiers but also for veterans that want to remember their time in the military. It’s a rather incredible approach, and it can do wonders if you tackle it correctly. Make sure that you find high-quality military artwork. If you can find it already framed, that’s a plus.

A perfect sentimental Christmas gift for deployed soldiers or veterans would be a Presentation Case or Shadow Box. This makes for a great gift as it gives the person a classy, attractive way to showcase their work and time in the military, and makes a great focal point in the home. They can use it to show their hard work and dedication, and feel proud when they see their displayed medals, certificates and other memorabilia.


Why coffee is a great gift for deployed troops and military members?

America is a nation fueled by coffee drinkers and these days, coffee is one of the most popular things sent to our deployed troops serving overseas.

Our military runs on coffee but unfortunately it's pretty bad coffee. That’s where Blackout Coffee Company comes into play. The company has a wide array of high-quality small batch fresh roasted coffee blends, that will leave your taste buds wanting more.  Blackout Coffee Company also has an amazing program designed to help support the troops and offer them the support they need while being away from home and their loved ones.

The program is named Operation Blackout, and the idea is that family members and friends can send coffee care packages to their loved ones or any random unit to show their support. Blackout Coffee Company offers these packages at a discounted price as a way of the team saying, “Thank You” to the troops.

You can gift the troops anything you want, but the best part is that you get to help them feel great and appreciated. Being away deployed and away from home is not easy. So any little support and gifted item is much appreciated!

Blackout Coffee makes the perfect gift for any veteran or military member. Sure it will take a bit of time to figure out which is the right type of coffee for your loved one. But in the end, the simple idea of offering coffee as a gift and appreciation for their service is what matters the most.

This is not any type of coffee. It’s high-quality coffee that will help them re-live some of the nicest moments in life with just a single sip. Life can be hard, and you always need to find a way to enjoy your time and eliminate all the hassle and trouble that comes with some situations. But receiving Blackout Coffee as a gift is an extraordinary experience.

As you can see, there are many gift options that you can surprise your loved ones with, whether they are deployed, active military or a veteran. From coin racks to artwork or even Blackout Coffee, it’s safe to say that all options are extraordinary and well worth checking out. Do keep in mind that appreciation, homage, and respect are extremely important when it comes to the military and the hard job they do overseas. So if you do know someone deployed, nothing is better than sending a gift like the ones listed above!

Blackout Coffee Company

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