Pitch Black Espresso Coffee

In the dead of night a power surge erupts, manifesting a 100% total blackout. Though fear is not your enemy this night fore you are armed with PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO, our gourmet roast, known to ignite the power within one’s spirit and drive you through the toughest of black ops missions.
BLACKOUT COFFEE COMPANY will leave no man or woman behind. You can count on us to always have your back, no matter the mission, no matter the late night hour.

✔️100% Arabica Beans

✔️Extra Dark Roast

✔️European-Style Espresso

PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO is a strong french roast blend, with a bold character that will allow you to STAY ON YOUR GRIND!!! Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

Customer Reviews

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TMO Customs
My 'goto' Expresso roast...

I cannot over emphasis how great this roast is and how much I enjoy it. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a dark roast. Thanks again to Blackout for such great products.

Stanley Foss
Easily My Favorite (So Far)

I love the dark stuff and Pitch Black has it in spades, so to speak. The flavor is jump out da' cup and it's grind is a bit different and settles to the bottom of my cowboy pot whereas some of the others float and get into my mug.

Great Coffee!

I love this coffee! It's been my daily brew for almost a year now. I was purchasing 12oz bags off of Amazon until I discovered the 5lb bags directly on Blackout's site. Highly recommended both on the quality of the product and the excellent service!

Great Coffee, Great Company!

We've ordered many of their teas and coffees and have loved them all so far! (2ndA, 1776, Pitch Black Espresso, Brutal awakening-. They are bold without a bitter after taste and are especially great in the hand crafted mugs!

Darrell Kolb
Up For the Calling

Really love Blackout coffee, especially Dark Roast. Pitch Black Espresso is a Great wake up blend even in a drip coffee maker. Just tried it in an Espresso maker Oh My!! That was really Great full flavor too.

Almost perfect

We appreciate extreme dark roasted beans. These are almost there. Still a nice roast that works well in the espresso machine. The cost is quite high and that's why 4 stars, for the amount we use its more than we usually pay. Having said that, it's specific to what's happening in our nation, we are determined to help local smaller business build rather than give our money to businesses that don't care about AMERICA or our Vets.

Robert Logel
Pitch Black Espresso Coffee

Nothing subtle here. Just good, strong, smooth, and tasty coffee. As an espresso should be.

Sean Hennen

Well its good stuff Hilts

Clint B.
Pitch Black Espresso Coffee

Excellent dark roast coffee! I will be back to order more. Glad to support a company that stands strong for the constitution and puts out an excellent protect as well!