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After a wildly successful investment campaign and nearly 3,400 new owners in our company, we are considering a new opportunity on StartEngine.

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Thank you Blackout family for all of your support. We look forward to growing even more!

We're back!

We believe in community and we encourage it in our business. That's why we originally created the opportunity to invest and become an owner of Blackout Coffee back in February of last year. By the end of the campaign, we had raised $3 million from over 3,450 investors! It was something special.

Even more exciting is the news we just recently announced: Blackout Coffee is returning to StartEngine!

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Blackout Coffee Co. Is Testing The Waters Under Tier 2 Of Regulation A. No Money Or Other Consideration Is Being Solicited, And If Sent In Response, Will Not Be Accepted. No Offer To Buy The Securities Can Be Accepted And No Part Of The Purchase Price Can Be Received Until The Offering Statement Filed By The Company With The Sec Has Been Qualified By The Sec. Any Such Offer May Be Withdrawn Or Revoked, Without Obligation Or Commitment Of Any Kind, At Any Time Before Notice Of Acceptance Given After The Date Of Qualification. An Indication Of Interest Involves No Obligation Or Commitment Of Any Kind. Reserving Shares Is Simply An Indication Of Interest. There Is No Binding Commitment For Investors That Reserve Shares In This Manner To Ultimately Invest And Purchase The Shares Reserved Of The Company, Or To Purchase Any Shares Of The Company Whatsoever.