Masala Chai Tea By Up Leaf Tea

Masala Chai Tea By Up Leaf Tea

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Let’s taste the blend of spices with Black Tea!
UP LEAF TEA brings Masala Chai Tea as a warming cup of tea that blended black
tea with aromatic Indian spices and herbs. This is a renowned cup of tea among all the tea lovers in the world because of its distinctly warm and spicy taste. Cinnamon adds a slight sweetness to the tea brew while ginger and cloves create a real spicy aroma. From the first sip to the last sip, it will make you refreshed and warm leaving a spicy mouthfeel.
Adding sugar and milk may enhance the taste of masala chai tea. UP LEAF MASALA CHAI TEA may reduce blood sugar, aid digestion, and help for weight loss.

Steeping Directions:
Steep the tea at 212°F for 7-10 minutes to bring out the best flavor profile.

Package Size:
3 oz (makes approximately 30-40 cups of tea)

Blend of Black Tea, Cloves, Ginger, Cardamom, Natural Cinnamon Flavor & Cinnamon.

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Loose Leaf Tea

Don't just get generic tea bags that are just filled with tea dust. Our loose leaf tea is made from whole leaves, which is fresher and offers a stronger flavor profile. Loose leaf tea is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Customer Reviews

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Jen H

First time purchasing. Supporting this company was a driving force and I’m very glad I did. I am not disappointed. Recently got into loose teas and wanted to get back into coffee. I’ve been on a matcha kick for some time. I just made a cup of the Masala Chai using the tea strainer from Blackout coffee. Added a splash of creamer. Wow. Store bought teas in bags have to be doubled up for full flavor. They’re all smells and not much taste. I can not wait to try everything I bought. Highly recommend and I will continue to be a Blackout customer. Thanks so much!!

David Goodwin
The best Tea money can buy!

Tea is always fresh and flavorful!

paul Bilby

Tea is great

David Conklin

Tasty and aromatic

Diane Aiena
Masala Chai Tea

Great after noon pick- me-up. Nice flavor.

Tressa Eaton
Tea Order

Masala Chia Tea great tea. Share it with friends a great tasting, enjoyed by everyone.