1776 Dark Roast Coffee

Bold as a True Patriot!

Bold and aromatic dark roast coffee blend, with a dark chocolate & honey lemon finish. Brew it as drip, pour over, french press or even espresso. Get it in ground or whole bean to grind it to your preference.

By purchasing this roast you will be supporting the GUNS & GADGETS YouTube Channel and the 2nd Amendment Rights of every American.

Guns & Gadgets, YOUR source for 2nd Amendment news!

With over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement field, Jared has learned the numerous channels used by those who would love to see our Second Amendment rights stripped. Because of this, he is often able to bring you the news on new bills submitted at the local, state and federal levels that look to carry out those attacks. If you want to stay up to date with the constant infringements on our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, please subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 352 reviews
Great blend!

Not acidic. Very good flavor.

Daaiyah Valle
Makes every morning beautiful

Ohhhh how wonderful it is to be able to grind these gorgeous coffee beans every morning and only a few minutes later, have a fresh, bold, rich cup of this! 1776 literally never gets old. Every day literally feels like the first time I tasted it. Only if I don’t grind the proper amount of beans is it not as wonderful but that is a rare happening. I knew when I bought the small bag and 1st tried it that this was love. The package arrived on time and in great shape! I will definitely be buying again when I come close to running out!

Donald Reynolds
Nice solid flavor

Great product will wale u up without making u "WOKE"

Lance Kilkenny
Delicious Dark Roast

The 1776 Dark Roast coffee is nicely roasted and very aromatic. Great flavor and smooth finish. I'm looking forward to trying other flavors!

Rachel Livingston

1776 Dark Roast Coffee

David Crespo
Give me this coffee or give me death!

My family and I enjoyed this. It is not bitter, which surprised me considering it is a dark roast. While it has a stronger taste, it is very enjoyable and one I will drink if I need a strong kick in the morning.

Gregory Pitts
Just like 1776…

Very rich wake me up flavor. The service from Blackout coffee is superb and with those 2 bits in thier fulfillment of orders and quality, #1 in my book. It also makes for GREAT ice coffee

Sean Reamer

1776 Dark Roast Coffee

Ronald Millar
Waken-ze-me up!

Want a full bodied coffee with independence from the acidic after effect? Welcome to 1776! The year of America's Independence and your independence from acid burn, even when drinking multiple cups. This coffee also delivers full body flavor and will get your 'giddy-up' going.