Pitch Black Espresso Coffee Bag 12oz

Pitch Black Espresso Coffee

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In the dead of night a power surge erupts, manifesting a 100% total blackout. Though fear is not your enemy this night fore you are armed with PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO, our gourmet roast, known to ignite the power within one’s spirit and drive you through the toughest of black ops missions.
BLACKOUT COFFEE COMPANY will leave no man or woman behind. You can count on us to always have your back, no matter the mission, no matter the late night hour.

✔️100% Arabica Beans

✔️Extra Dark Roast

✔️Cuban Espresso

PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO is a strong dark roast blend, with a bold character that will allow you to STAY ON YOUR GRIND!!! It makes the perfect Cuban Coffee aka Cafecito. Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

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Coffee Club orders ship FREE for the 48 Contiguous States in the USA. Coffee Club currently NOT available in these US States & Territories:

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Is our take on a straightforward, no filler, no fuss, full flavor cup of coffee.
This will never change because 'why fix what ain't broke'

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Customer Reviews

Based on 446 reviews
David Karwoski

This is a great tasting dark roast. I highly recommend it. Full flavored minus bitterness.

Christie Anderson
Smooth as silk

Hubs and I had a taste test. We tried 3 different blends. For us, the expresso won hands down. Not bitter, smooth and absolutely delicious. Great job Blackout! Definitely our favorite (so far 😉).

David Hutchins

Do you have a stronger blend than the pitch black espresso?

r c

Delicious coffee. Makes me look forward to waking up!!

Coffee at its best.

We have been enjoying the Pitch Black Espresso, you guys know how to roast coffee.
Thanks Dan Bongino for introducing us to this great coffee.

John. Springer
Espresso, yes, but what a brew!

Don’t let the title of this bag stop you from purchasing if you don’t do espresso. It makes a fabulous bold and smooth brew! Bravo!

Chip Golash
Fab brew

Plain and simple....this stuff is just the jolt ya'll need....

Dwande E LeMay
I really, really enjoy the coffee.

I ordered two packages of coffee, listed above, and my favorite is the Expresson. I normally only drink one cup a day but the Expresso is so good I drink two now. It's great to finally find what I really like after trying so many others. I will be placing another order shortly. Sincerely, Dwande

Sergey Arustamov
Taste of heaven

Not only your coffee is brutally strong and perfectly smooth but you guys sharing the same stands and principles as I do God,freedom and family. I don't have any social media accounts but I sure followed you on YouTube and love your coffee and what you do. God speed 🙏