Covert OP Cold Brew Coffee Bag 12oz

Covert OP Cold Brew Coffee

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  • 100% American Roasted

BLACKOUT COFFEE brings you the finest in cold brew coffee, made from 100% arabica beans, providing a more delicate and distinct flavor profile we proudly call COVERT OP COLD BREW. 

✔️100% Arabica Beans

✔️Medium Roast

✔️Perfect as Cold Brew & Drip Coffee

This unique blend when prepared as cold brew, delivers higher caffeine content, and ultra-smoothness, yet with less acid, giving your taste buds an orgasmic coffee experience like no other. COVERT OP is also great for drip and pour overs. Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

Click here for cold brew preparation instructions.

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Coffee Club orders ship FREE for the 48 Contiguous States in the USA. Coffee Club currently NOT available in these US States & Territories:

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Is our take on a straightforward, no filler, no fuss, full flavor cup of coffee.
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Customer Reviews

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Jarrett Grace
Don't let the 4 stars dissuade you from trying this

In all fairness, this might be user error.
While the flavor is great, I'm finding that this is not brewing up quite as strong as my previous cold brew, using the same amount of grounds. The 2nd flagon I just made was better than the first, to be sure. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm.

I'm going to have to work on it, as cold brew is an essential in Arizona.


Excellent buy of an excellent product… I’ve already reordered and trying some of their other items as well!!!

Kurtis Whealy
Morning mayhem

I ise this to make my cold brew steeped for 36 hours. Packs a pinch and gets me going on my way to work! Only approximately 8-10 oz with a little honey and cream (I also like to add a tbsp of cayenne)

Elaine H
Perfect grind and delicious!!

So many times I've tried to make my cold brew liqueur with regular grind coffee with limited success and mediocre flavor. Finally found Blackout Coffee through The Benny Show and I've never looked back - finally on a subscription shipping!! Don't hesitate!!

Eric Mooney
Great cold brew

I am a cold brew coffee drinker. I’ve been making my own cold brew for over 12 years and have tried times of different roasts. Covert op is the best cold brew coffee I’ve ever had by far I can drink it black and still enjoy it, which is a first for me with cold brew!


Excellent taste, very fresh, low acidity as advertised, & high energy what more could you ask for?



Good Coffee

I like this roast, the only thing I would change is that I wish it was roasted a little darker.

Les Baptista
Great cold brew/ problems with CS

Love to cold brew , love the taste, love the smell of the brew , I drink it every morning, 40 to 60 oz a day , No stomach ache, but now on to the service I am on my 3 account with BOC for one reason or another, if I didn’t enjoy the coffee and want to believe in this company I would be long gone by now but like I said love the Cold Brew