Covert OP Cold Brew Coffee Bag 12oz

Covert OP Cold Brew Coffee

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  • 100% American Roasted

BLACKOUT COFFEE brings you the finest in cold brew coffee, made from 100% arabica beans, providing a more delicate and distinct flavor profile we proudly call COVERT OP COLD BREW. 

✔️100% Arabica Beans

✔️Medium Roast

✔️Perfect as Cold Brew & Drip Coffee

This unique blend when prepared as cold brew, delivers higher caffeine content, and ultra-smoothness, yet with less acid, giving your taste buds an orgasmic coffee experience like no other. COVERT OP is also great for drip and pour overs. Contains 12 oz of coffee in each bag.

Click here for cold brew preparation instructions.

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Coffee Club orders ship FREE for the 48 Contiguous States in the USA. Coffee Club currently NOT available in these US States & Territories:

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Is our take on a straightforward, no filler, no fuss, full flavor cup of coffee.
This will never change because 'why fix what ain't broke'

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Customer Reviews

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Voce Moody Moody
Best I've had

I live on coffee. Hot coffee in the morning and cold brew during the day. Covert OP Cold Brew Coffee is quite possibly the best I have had in a long time. I highly recommend this to any lover of cold brew

Wendy Jaroslawski
Perfect Cold Brew

This is a gift for my daughter. She has told me she loves the taste of the coffee and that the grind is perfect for brewing cold coffee.

Dave R
Excellent coffee

I haven’t tried brewing this cold but it’s sure pretty tastey as pour over coffee. My wife seems to groove on it too in our drip coffee maker. Good stuff, will be purchasing again.

Robert Atnip

You guy's rock!!! Received my order from Blackout Coffee in the mail in only two weeks. I ordered it Sept 26th with normal shipping right before the hurricane. Normal shipping from most companies takes a few weeks or so. Can't say enough about the integrity of these guy's and Jared Yanis of Guns and Gadgets for working so hard.

aliaksei kavaleuski

Covert OP Cold Brew Coffee

Erin House House
Cold Coffee

I love the cold brew coffee! I can brew it ahead of time and it still taste great.

Rick O’Connor

Love this place! Good quality coffee, worth every penny

Eduardo Lepe

Great coffee.

Phenomenal Cold Brew

I've made multiple amazing batches of cold brew with this roast, comes out just absolutely phenomenal every time. I utilize a pitcher with an integrated conical filter that I purchased from Woot( My ratio is 200 grams of course grind (13.5 setting on an Oxo conical grinder) to approximately 62 ounces of filtered water. From there, the brew steeps at room temperature (just leave it on the counter) for 11-12 hours. After which I remove the filter and chill the coffee in the refrigerator.