Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper: Reusable, Paperless, Ultra Fine Filter.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Modern and minimalistic look with superb finishings. Made from 304 stainless steel that will keep it rust free and deliver a clean tasting coffee. Designed to fit on most cups, mugs, thermoses and small pots.

  • DOUBLE FILTERED - The pour over coffee dripper cone has an ultra fine mesh on the inside, and a laser-cut filter on the outside. Engineered to prevent any grounds from getting in your coffee, while allowing essential oils and nutrients to pass through to your cup, ensuring a healthier and better tasting cup of coffee.

  • DURABLE - Made from premium kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel that is BPA and Phthalate Free. The reusable coffee filter is so versatile, that you can take it on the go allowing you to prepare from a single cup of coffee at a time or a small pot for 3+ people.

Create a delicious coffee every time:
1. Place the filter on top of a mug.
2. Fill the filter with your favorite ground coffee.
3. Slowly pour in hot water.
4. Remove the filter from the mug and enjoy a clear flavorful, double filtered coffee.

After brewing, dump the grounds and simply rinse well with warm water or throw it into the dishwasher.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeanne Prather

Great replacement for my old plastic junk! Thanks so much!


Perfect pour over. So good we ditched our coffee pot and espresso maker.


Wanted to like it, at first it worked great, then over a couple of months it kept clogging and the coffee drips would slow to a trickle. I cleaned a number of times, would not fix the problem, ended up tossing it.


This pour over device is the best I've ever used. Giving them as gifts to my coffee drink8ng family members.

Paul Greene
Easy and Convenient Pour Over

I have always wanted to do pour overs at home but every video I watched or product I looked at was really detailed and expensive!! I'm a simple guy and wanted something easy to do. I'm so glad I found Blackout Coffee and that they offered this pour ovet option.

The fact that it's stainless steel is important and eco-friendly and easy to clean was an added plus. Just add grounds to the filter and pour hot water in a circular motion and boom, it's done.

Thanks Team Blackout for making my coffee great again. Blessings!


I abaolutely LOVE this pour over filter! It processes the water quickly, filtering your coffee much faster than any paper filter could. Let's ZERO grinds through to your coffee cup. Filters just as good as paper!

Grace Colbert
Still experimenting with the pour over coffee dripper!

I am liking the easy Pour Over Coffee Dripper, I can adjust the strength of my brew so easily!

Geoffrey Brown
Single cup good

I bought the pour over filter so I could make a single cup of coffee using whatever grind of Blackout coffe I desire.
I teamed it up with some number 2 cone filters for easy clean up when camping, and it was great!

Claudia M
Alternative to brewing my coffee

I love this product. I usually brew my coffee in my Aeropress, but since I received this pour over, I've been making my morning coffee with this. It's quicker, and easier clean-up than my beloved Aeropress.