1776 Dark Roast Coffee

Bold as a True Patriot!

Bold and aromatic dark roast coffee blend, with a dark chocolate & honey lemon finish. Brew it as drip, pour over, french press or even espresso. Get it in ground or whole bean to grind it to your preference.

By purchasing this roast you will be supporting the GUNS & GADGETS YouTube Channel and the 2nd Amendment Rights of every American.

Guns & Gadgets, YOUR source for 2nd Amendment news!

With over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement field, Jared has learned the numerous channels used by those who would love to see our Second Amendment rights stripped. Because of this, he is often able to bring you the news on new bills submitted at the local, state and federal levels that look to carry out those attacks. If you want to stay up to date with the constant infringements on our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, please subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews
jeremy clark
Good mornings with Blackout Coffee

I thought I was going to quit coffee because I couldn’t find one for my taste. Blackout coffee saved me from that path. 1776 tastes, looks and smells amazing. I still have many more to try out and I can’t wait. Thank you.

Gerald Miscovich
Great coffee

I love this coffee. Just kind sucks it’s only a 12oz bag for 15$. Most mainstream coffee like the red and blue cans at under 10$ for 2 pounds of coffee or more

William Schmidt
1776 Dark Roast

This has become my new favorite coffee. Blackout Coffee Company knocked it out of the park with this dark roast.

Erik Rauch
1776 Dark Roast is Delicious

Can easily say that 1776 Dark Roast whole bean is my favorite coffee! Grinding and then brewing these beans makes my taste buds happy and the kitchen smell wonderful every single day!! Keep roasting and I’ll keep ordering. Thank you ☕️😋

Valerie L
My personal favorite!

The 1776 Dark Roast coffee is my personal favorite coffee! I love the rich flavor. I buy at least two bags every time I order. We order one to two times per month.

Better tha Just Black

Have had some guests over and getting lots of compliments on this roast. Will likely buy smaller size in future to try more varieties.

Dayton Coles
Good as usual

I've been drinking this and Brewtal Awakening for a while now and enjoy them both. The quality is consistently good as is the delivery.

Thomas Kingsbury
1776 coffee

Good tasting enough to do 1776 again. All of the coffee from Blackout has been a great tasting experience and continues to do so. Easy to order and they will change up as needed so there is no overstock to go bad. And it comes to your door. I have spent years going to the coffee shop to buy, have gone through three different shops as the quality seems to drop off due to who knows why. This is the first time to trust that the quality they choose and send is going to be great. I go with whole bean and have tried all of their roasts and two of their specialties 1776 being one of them. Finishing a cup as I type. I do not want to make your choice for you but I can say with confidence you will not go wrong with Blackout Coffee. Thanks again Blackout.

Olen Nicholson
Good stuff

Love it