Your Skin Likes Its Daily Coffee Too

Some coffee lovers drink the brew for the caffeine and the energy or jolt it provides. Many of us like coffee primarily for the taste. Probably most enjoy coffee for both reasons, except for decaf drinkers who obviously like the taste or other benefits. Now it’s becoming “the thing” to bring coffee into another arena, that of skincare. Two days ago a coffee-based skincare company announced a new line of shaving items for men. If you want more information you can access the press release by clicking the image above. This article is focusing more on the coffee’s actual benefits to the skin as advertised in this product release, but also from information from other sources. Generally, it has been reported that coffee and skin DO have basically the same pH balance, making the grounds a neutral substance for skin care; the pH is neither too acidic nor too alkaline for skin. Elements in coffee also protect the skin from UV rays and exfoliate, improving circulation. Coffee also has the ability to remove odors as it cleanses. Then, as we’ve mentioned more than a few times, there are those endearing antioxidants in coffee that do so many wondrous things. In regard to the skin, they help to neutralize reactions caused by oxidation, the culprit behind such conditions as acne and eczema. Mending broken skin, soothing irritation and revitalizing of cells are a few more benefits of coffee for the skin. It would seem a natural for cosmetics and especially shaving products. The shaving system just announced is somewhat pricey, but there are do-it-yourself concoctions from directions online. This site has recipes for a skin scrub as well as a mask - Have some fun, experiment and see for yourself how coffee can improve how you feel and how you look. On you and in you, coffee is amazing. But you already know that, right?

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