Your Next Coffee Maker - a Peugeot?

It might be pricey, but after all, this coffee maker comes with a free Peugeot car thrown in to carry it. The concept car, a hybrid called HX1, also features a mini-bar next to the coffee machine in a rear center, marble-lined console. Called a people-mover, the van can carry six adults, once the hidden seats are pulled out. As writer Matt Campbell reported this week, before Peugeot branched out into the auto manufacturing venue, they actually made grinders and mills of various kinds. One of the first, debuting in 1842, was a coffee grinder. We're not told the coffee maker for this car, as such further details are not provided. It's likely a contractor will be chosen once the car goes to production, if it does. This French manufacturer is not the only automaker to include a coffee machine onboard, as Audi also designed a fully functioning espresso machine in one of its concept models. That one is a single serve made by WMF. What happened to it is a mystery however, as the stories came out in 2006, but according to a 2010 report, this Audi model still hasn’t made it to a production phase. Set to debut this month at Frankfort’s motor show, the HX1’s future might become clearer soon. The idea of putting a coffee machine in a car could be controversial, since driving while distracted is illegal in many states, and drinking while driving can fall into that category. The advantage of the location of the Peugeot coffee maker is that it’s in the back seat, so the driver shouldn’t be distracted while driving. The HX1’s price range was not stated. But of course, as the saying goes, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it! For some ideas on coffee makers you can take in your car and operate on the road, see below. Brew on, safely.

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