Would You, Could You in a Balloon?

Some people read a Dr. Seuss book like "Green Eggs and Ham" and think well, isn't that cute and then forget about it.  Apparently others take this childhood story and make it their inner guide.  We all know about the crazy places the Cat in the Hat tries to get breakfast served.  I ask you today about your coffee - would you, could you, in a hot air balloon, 20,000 feet in the air, traveling 20 kilometers per hour, in -20 C weather, with an Aeropress?  You would have lost me at hot air balloon but the other stuff? That is coffee taken to the extreme!  

This is exactly what a team from Lithuania - Nidas Kiuberis, Grazvydas Vilcinskas and Vytautas Samarinas did recently. These adventurers prepared coffee while traveling at 20,000 feet in -20 C degree temperatures using their Aeropress according to this article over on Newslite.tv titled Coffee prepared at 20,000ft in balloon record bid. I think their choice was a good one since the Aeropress is a very fast method for making coffee - a Thermos filled with boiling water poured into the Aeropress would not need a very long steep before pushing the plunger which is important. At that extremely cold temperature the water would not stay hot enough to extract properly for very long.

I admire the feat - just because you are in a less than cozy environment why should you forgo your gourmet coffee? By choosing a fast method too these men created arguably the best cup possible considering the circumstances. I say if you are going to go through the trouble to set a record then do it right and make a good cup, no, a great cup at least.  I am afraid of heights so I know my answer to the balloon and coffee question, but what about you? Would you, Could you?

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