World Barista Championship Partners with ROASTe

If you’re anything like me your coffee standards are high. You have your favorite coffee drink, your favorite coffee shop, and more importantly, your favorite coffee baristas. Don’t you agree that your baristas are the best? And wouldn’t you like to see them get rewarded every once in a while?

As a former barista, I can honestly say that we take pride in our drinks and strive for perfection. So what better place to show our skills and talents than at the World Barista Championship? And now ROASTe is proud to announce that we’ll be the official sponsor for the competition.

We look forward to updating you on all the upcoming World Barista Championship (WBC) events and filling you in on some of those prized trade secrets.
How, you ask? Simple! We’re going to feature actual interviews with baristas, provide cool videos and ensure that you’ll get all the fun and useful information we could think of to make this competition even more exciting.

So please stay tuned – this is where your cup of joe will go from “average” to outstanding!

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