World Barista Championship 2011 - Results are In

It's been awe-inspiring, exciting and a moving competition but the time has come to crown the 2011 World Barista Champion. Let's give a huge round of applause for Alejandro Mendez of El Salvador, this year's World Barista Champion. Equally commendable was the performance of the other baristas who took part in the competition.

The Top 6 placed as follows:

1. Alejandro Mendez - El Salvador

2. Pete Licata - United States

3. Matt Perger - Australia

4. Javier Garcia - Spain

5. Miki Suzuki - Japan

6. John Gordon - United Kingdom

It cannot be stressed enough, we are so proud of all the hard work everyone put into this competition and we are thrilled with each and every one of the baristas' hard work and dedication.

Outstanding job and kudos to everyone!

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