Why is this cup different from all other cups?

Because it's my last club of Starbucks for hopefully a long, long time.

Starbucks Coffee CupNot that Starbucks is bad. It's pretty good.

But I've gotten into a rut. Buying the same latte fom the same coffee shop in the same city, over and over. It's time for a change!

So I'm going to go out and explore the world of new coffee shops and unique roasters around the country, and I'd like you along for the ride. Along the way, I'll review new coffees from new roasters, and discover a world of coffee outside my neighborhood Starbucks.

Which is not to say Starbucks is bad. I really like Starbucks. But like a fish that thinks there has to be life beyond a fishbowl, I expect that there's a world of new coffees to try beyond my local neighborhood Starbucks. Thanks to my work travel schedule, I'll hopefully get to try a lot of new coffees in cities around the US. I'll review them all here, for your benefit!


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