Why I Seem to be Sticking with Iced Coffee

As the weather gets colder and colder, I notice that I’m not transitioning from iced coffee as quick as I would think. I hadn’t really drank iced coffee too much before this summer and I developed a taste for it quickly (also Frappés but they’re too much trouble to make at home). I’m not too much into hot drinks (except for teas) unless I am feeling cold and since I spend the majority of time inside, those occasions are pretty far between.

Some people can take a drink from the pot seconds after it comes out of the maker and others will nurse a cup all day. I am not either of these people. When It comes to coffee I like it in the warm-hot range (say five-ten minutes after brewing...if I’m in a hurry I’ve been known to add a bit of cool water to the mug, which does water it down a bit). During winter, if I’m on a deadline, I’ll fix a bunch ahead of time in a thermos for the time I’m at school.

A while back I saw these things on kickstarter called coffee “joulies” that are essentially these stainless steel coated devices that you can add to your mug that help it cool down quicker and stay hot longer. They’re actually on Roaste, but although they said they’d be available in June/July I don’t think they’ve been released yet. Even then, at the price they were asking ($50) it seemed like quite a bit of cash to add a few minutes of life to my mug.

Which brings me back to my main point. The way I make my iced coffee there’s no issues. I guess if I left it too long I’d have to worry about it getting watered down, but it’s so tasty I drink it too fast to ever have that happen.

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