Why I don't get coffee out.

I just wanted to talk about my morning experience at Peet's this morning, and what I am going to talk about is probably not going to surprise anyone. However, I have a feeling that I am being a little critical in my thoughts here and would appreciate it if someone would say so or if I am just right on point. You see I do have the nasty habit of being able to think/say things that are just the right amount of joke and truth to be mean, now I am also horrible at retelling thigns so this is going to probably be no where near amusing.

So this morning I found myself at Peet's prior to coming into work. I had ran out of coffee at home, and while I do live near a lot of wonderful shops that serve great artisan roasted coffee, there is only one near my drive to work and they open at seven, I go into work before that. My choices are then limited to Peet's or Starbucks, Peet's is a little out of the way, but not much and I like their coffee better so I got my morning fix there. The nice thing relative to Peet's is they only charge you for a small cup if you bring in your own, whereas Starbucks gives you like a 25 cent discount on your relative size of your mug.

Now, the coffee was fine, super dark earthy roasted taste that you would expect of deep deep dark roast. Nothing of a surprise here, just the sad the fact that this is better than what is offered at my work otherwise i would have saved the 10 minutes it took me to get the cup of coffee to get it at the place in my building.

Anyway, the part that always raises my eye brows in a place like this is the guy in front of me ordering. He was flirting with the barista, which was already a little annoying especially because she did not seem to liking the attention from him so that was already strike one in my being annoyed factor. Then he kept on about and wouldn't just shut up and order so I am already like really I am wasting my time to get mediocre coffee and I can't even get it fast...

BUT the part that really just put me over the edge when he finally did order, a freaking large white mocha... really? why not just dump two scoops of ice cream in your mug and micro wave it? that would save you some money and probably get the right taste.

Very very annoyed.

Thankfully the girl at the counter was nice, and did a good job getting my cup of coffee. Preheated the cup and got me on my way fast.

Overall, Peet's employees +1, Peet's customers ordering white mochas -1. Thank the lord I will be getting some coffee in the mail today.

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