Which other coffee-related sites do you visit?

A recent blog post by broseph on Able Brewing’s new DISK Fine made me wonder. I’ve been playing with (and enjoying!) my own DISK Fine prototype for almost a week now, but I’ve reserved most of my comments about it for a thread I started on the topic over on HB. Why? I’m not entirely sure. One factor is that Prima Coffee, who organized the giveaway of 100 DISK Fines mentioned in broseph’s blog, had announced it on HB (as well as Twitter, etc.), and I knew members there were interested; incidentally, that’s also why I’ve made most of my LIDO-related posts on HB—though now I hear broseph has a LIDO on the way, so maybe I’ll revisit that decision/preference in the future. Anyway, another relevant factor is that I’m just a promiscuous poster, i.e. chatty on multiple sites. Over the course of an average day I find myself checking (and, let’s be honest, rechecking) the following for coffee talk of interest, in no particular order:

- Home-Barista  forums (love their new “Coffee Brewing” section since I’m not espresso-centric)

- CoffeeGeek  forums (less and less lately; the signal-to-noise ratio there seems to have taken a dip IMO)

- Single-Serve Coffee forums (full disclosure: I moderate these)


- Green Coffee Buying Club (only for gear discussions until I finally decide to try roasting my own)

- Twitter (a de facto coffee news feed for me)

- Facebook

I think that list is exhaustive. How does it compare to your own?

Re: the exhaustivity bit, there *are* other coffee-related blogs I follow, but I usually rely on “heads up” notices by various people (here and elsewhere above) who find interesting new posts instead of taking the initiative to check those blogs periodically, myself. Life is short, you know?!

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