Where Is YOUR Favorite Place to Get Morning Coffee?

A Facebook poll taken this week asked participants to pick their preferred source of morning coffee from a list posted on the site. The list included local shops in Salem, Massachusetts, with the addition of “in my kitchen”. The results revealed that a majority of coffee drinkers prefer to brew their own morning coffee at home rather than buy it at a coffee shop. Hamilton-Wenham Patch runs a weekly poll touching on all kinds of subjects, and this week the focus was the morning coffee. Popular shops listed included Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and the Front Street Coffeehouse. Though all received votes, 65% voted for making morning brew at home. This was a very small sample of respondents, hardly indicating a trend. Yet it’s not a real surprise that almost two out of three coffee lovers will opt to make their first cup of coffee at home rather than stop at a drive-thru or other coffee shop on the morning drive. After all, there are now so many home coffee maker options on the market, ranging from espresso and drip to single serve POD brewers, everything from an espresso shot to frothy cappuccino can be had at a push of a button. But even more importantly, where else but at home can you obtain a coffee brewed from an amazing variety of geographical origins? If you want a different coffee experience every week, the only way to do that is to brew it yourself, with coffees from Coffee Kind's huge selection. How about you? Where do YOU get your morning brew?

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