When’s a Coffee Table ACTUALLY a Coffee Table?

Answer: When it’s a Curface (pronounced surface) coffee table, the table is actually partially made out of coffee. Before you shake your head and say it can’t be so, just look at the accompanying image. That brown coffee-colored table top is made of 30% recycled coffee grounds….. and plastic. The table’s top is made out of a new product - Curface- which mixes 30% recycled coffee with recycled high impact polysterene thermoplastic. Waterproof, the sheets can be welded together to create many more items than just a table: the article in designtaxi.com displays chairs of several styles and a couple of tables. But these are just the beginning: it seems the sheets could be made into many designs for virtually any piece of furniture as well as counter tops. The material is smooth and easy to maintain, as any scratches can be sanded with sandpaper. The brown coffee color is naturally contributed by the beans. The table top looks very attractive with the ash legs. The furniture can be purchased online; a table (size not specified), for example, sells for $231. You should like the smell of coffee if you purchase any Curface products, as they smell like coffee until it wears off within about a week. Early customer reviews have been quite positive. Coffee just keeps getting more and more amazing as a substance. Once you brew it and enjoy its flavor, the used grounds can still be turned into an unbelievable array of items. We’ve looked at compost, cosmetics, clothing, odor eaters, mushroom growing media….the list goes on. It’s not much of a leap to imagine cups made out of the Curface, so we could sit on, drink from, and wear recycled coffee while drinking it and be virtually surrounded inside and out by coffee. Now that’s a coffee world.

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