When is enough enough?

There is an interesting side to coffee that I was really unaware of until probably two or so years ago when I started looking at getting an espresso machine, the hobby side. I think that is a fair way to describe a lot of people who like myself buy an espresso machine grinder, as coffee as a hobby. Right now sitting in my kitchen are a coffee grinder and an espresso machine that together retail for $750.00, that's quite a bit of money for a two ounce liquid. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

For the past year since getting my machine and grinder, I have become increasingly better and more accustom to the taste of espresso. I believe that the shots I make are better than most of the ones that I can get out, and the ones that really come out well are as good as anything I have tasted. However, there is still a lot of desire to get a better machine and a grinder.

There are a lot of people out there that have some really nice machines, and have commercial espresso grinders in their home facing the challenge of making better espresso. A lot of times they keep upgrading like I am contemplating now, to bigger and 'better' machines. I don't know where I will end up in all of this if one day I will have an espresso grinder in my home that is quite large and needs it's own island unto itself so it can exist without the limitations of kitchen cabinants or if perhaps I will be content with a more modest upgrade.

For now I will be making what seems from my perspective a modest upgrade sometime in the future, when in all reality it is anything but modest. And at what point has this hobby about coffee/espresso become more of hobby about coffee/espresso equipment. It's an interesting thought that I am wrestling with, because surely I have grinder that more than capable of producing great coffee, and what is used on equipment could be used towards more coffee to taste/try.

I know that I will make an upgrade, but when will it be enough?

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