When coffee goes from beverage to hobby and why you should care.

One of the interesting things about writing a blog here on this site it has made it incredibly obvious to me that coffee has long since gone from beverage to hobby for me. I assume this is the case for a lot of people that blog on this website and those that I talk with over some of the online communities that I visit in regards to coffee. However, I am not quite sure when that change from coffee the beverage became coffee the hobby, I guess the best way I can describe is like when you fall in love with a friend.

I am going to spare you the little story about me becoming a coffee geek, I covered it a little bit in my first post here on this site, and really is something that is probably only interesting to me. I do know that this coffee as a hobby is having a lot of benefits on the people around me, namely better coffee all of the time, at least when I am around. It also appears to have changed my wife from being able to really enjoy coffee bought at Trader Joe's to having to return it because it tastes burnt (No joke before I bought Scarlet City Roasters coffee she bought a can at Trader's, and promptly returned it!)

Now where all this comes into play is that for most of the people that come to this site, I am assume that you really like coffee, and there are probably a few of you that will make the transition from coffee the beverage to coffee the hobby, you are on the fast track for that as you're already online searching for better coffee. Where it really comes into play is looking at the blog posts that people like myself are posting.

A lot of these blogs we are posting about things that are happening within coffee the hobby/market world. Now this allows those that read some of these blogs to be able to make better coffee at home or be able to pick up a brewing like device that is going to better suit their needs.

So what I am really trying to get at is look into some of these blogs while you are picking out your next coffee, perhaps you will see something that will at the very least give you a better cup in the morning. For a start look here;



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