What (we) are drinking now – Chazzano French roast.

What we are drinking now – Chazzano French roast.  I blogged earlier about the Chazzano’s Papau New Guinea coffee that a friend gave me that I quite enjoyed.  She also brought us a bag of their French Roast.  It is indeed a true French Roast and this more or less means that my family has a split decision on it.  Almost all French Roasts are too dark for my tastes and truth be told this was no exception (there are a few exceptions, but they tend to be light for a French Roast).   I did not dislike this coffee, but because it was darker than my tastes run and you got more of the roast taste relative to the bean I would not quickly order it again for me.  I will, however, be ordering it again because of my wife.  Just last week I served her a local grocery store’s “high end” store brand dark roast that I do not like, but she does.  It is certainly better than Starbucks, but not on par with the good roasts available here and elsewhere on line.  None the less she proclaimed that she wanted me to serve her that coffee from here on.  I think she was tired of my experimenting on her trying to see if I could find a light roast coffee that was truly high end that she would like.  

None the less I rudely decided to experiment again and secretly served her the Chazzano’s to see if since it was her kind of roast it might also be her kind of coffee.  She did love it.  I made it for her several days in a row, but I only had a little bit so we ran out on day 3.  When I went to serve her the coffee that a few days earlier she claimed she always wanted she took one sip and her face fell and she aksed “what happened to my French Roast?”

So in summary I think this is a well done French Roast that will be enjoyed by people who really love dark roasts.  While it is too dark for me, it has an eager fan in my household and worth consideration if you are generally a dark roast fan.

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