What is this Brevetto grinder?

The other day, as was doing a routine search on my local craigslist.com ( I know, bad habit die hard!). Under the grinder search, I came up a perculiar post with the tittle "Brevetto grinder for sale". Flashing back to my early day of coffee forum browsing, it had been said by others that Mazzer grinder often got listed for sale on Craiglist by people who do not know about the brand of the grinder and often mistake the italian label "Brevetto" as the actual name of the grinder. This seem like this time it is one of those case. I eager clicked on the post and was a moment later was firing an email to the poster asking if he can sell it for $100. Indeed, the post had some pictures and it seem to be indeed a Mazzer Super Jolly. A day later he reply and said yes! What a deal!

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So today, I went and picked up the grinder. I had the guy who was selling it plug it in to make sure it was running and everything and it sure did, after all it is a Mazzer! The grinder seemed like it took a lot of beating because paint had chipped from its body. Moreover, the grinder throat and the doser was coated with nasty coffee oil; I know I was in for some serious scrubbing but at $100 it is a really good steal because most of the time these are listed on Craigslist for at least $200 and up while it can fetch for more on Ebay. My current Mazzer Super Jolly was purchased two years ago and that was at $200 and it came with nice sharp burrs (still a good deal!).

The grinder is still living in my car as I have yet to dare to bring it inside in fear of angering the wife! But eventually, when I have time, this grinder will need to receive a fresh coat of paint (or may be I can strip the paint completely and polish just the alluminum, I have seen amazing results from other Mazzer owner who went this route). The Burrs in this Super Jolly will need to be swapped out with a new one ( I currently have one set on hand) and I'm thinking about converting it into a doserless by purchasing the metal funnel for it (OEM not homemade). So yeah, I'm really excited about this grinder!


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