What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

We want to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment with what we know best: coffee. We are going to give you a clear explanation of Fair Trade coffee and why supporting it will help our environment and the coffee community overall.

Fair Trade is a program that coffee importers and food companies are involved in to help traditionally disadvantaged producers. The purpose is to create an alternative market for small scale farmers in developing countries. There are many components to the Fair Trade coffee program that ensure the high Fair Trade standards. Those involved in the program create democratically organized farmer cooperatives so they can specifically target coffee to purchase within these. They agree upon floor prices for the commodities so that the farmers are always being paid fairly and can make a good livelihood for themselves. There are always direct exports by producers, and there is a worldwide non-profit certifying organization. In addition, wholesalers and importers pay a fee to cover the cost of certification of the coffee. To make sure that the coffee products you are buying have been fairly traded, look for a seal of certification on each one.

But why should we purchase fairly traded coffee? Purchasing Fair Trade coffee supports and empowers small-scale farmers, as well as building independence and community. The income from Fair Trade has resulted in initiative co-ops such as the training of doctors in Mexico, building new schools in Peru, creating community stores in Colombia, and constructing a coffee processing plant in El Salvador. The Fair Trade program helps promote sustainability overall in our environment as well. These are just some of the reasons why we think everyone should support and purchase Fair Trade coffee, and we hope you agree with us!

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